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JORA Green Walls was created by combining craftsmanship.

A designing horticulturist with 25 years of experience and an engineer with 30 years of experience joined forces. Their combined knowledge and experience has resulted in a system in which the plant can develop properly. The plant wall system of JORA Green Walls therefore supports the plant. JORA Green Walls is proud of this system which is why a patent has been applied for. However, JORA Green Walls does not flaunt this because it’s not about the system. It’s about the plant.

Is the plant healthy? Then this is also good for people.

At JORA Green Walls the Plant is King!

vertical garden

The HALBE system

JORA Green Walls has put the well-being of the plant first in the development of the system. Because if the plant is healthy, then it’s also healthy for people.

JORA Green Walls is a modular system. The soil-bound substrate is located in separate modules. In this way, the plant grows in natural soil that is able to buffer fertilisers well. The plant is individually watered and nourished, as a result of which it experiences less stress and is able to absorb drought and frost well. The advantage is that the plants can develop well in this way, giving the vertical garden a longer lifespan.

The JORA Green Walls system is unique and therefore patent pending.

living wall

The benefits of HALBE

  • Natural breeding ground.
  • High moisture retention capacity.
  • Good capillary action; water is distributed proportionally so that each plant gets sufficient water.
  • Good drainage properties; too much water is quickly drained away.
  • Airy structure so that sufficient oxygen is available for the plants and the plants take root easily and quickly.
  • The right amount of available nutrients.
  • Simple system, quick assembly.
  • Can be placed directly after the modules have been planted. Thanks to the unique planting system, pre-growth is not necessary for JORA Green Walls.
  • Integrated irrigation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Easy to dismantle and reposition.
  • Sustainable; with JORA Green Walls and regular maintenance you have a plant wall that will last for decades. In addition, plants and substrate can be disposed of with the organic waste and the cartridges - with deposit - can be reused.
vertical garden

The aim JORA Green Walls

Due to increasing urbanisation we are losing more and more nature and our living environment is becoming unhealthy.

We believe that nature is indispensable for people.

JORA Green Walls wants to contribute to a better and healthier living environment and offer a solution in nature-including design.

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