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The Halbe

JORA Green Walls was created by combining craftsmanship.

A designing horticulturist with 25 years of experience and an engineer with 30 years of experience joined forces. Their combined knowledge and experience has resulted in a system in which the plant can develop properly. The plant wall system of JORA Green Walls therefore supports the plant. JORA Green Walls is proud of this system which is why a patent has been applied for. However, JORA Green Walls does not flaunt this because it’s not about the system. It’s about the plant.

Is the plant healthy? Then this is also good for people.

At JORA Green Walls the Plant is King!

vertical garden plants

JORA Green Walls

JORA Green Walls has developed a unique plant wall.

It is a modular system with infinite application possibilities. A HALBE can be used indoors as well as outdoors. With a HALBE every terrace gets its own green character and every restaurant, hotel lobby or office garden becomes a natural experience.

wall plants outdoor

The Plant is King!

Halbe Green Walls puts the requirements and wishes of the plant first;

  • Soil-bound substrate was developed specifically for this application in which the plant feels 'at home'.
  • Large volume of substrate so that the plant can take root and fertilisers are well buffered.
  • By creating a natural habitat, many types of plants can be processed, enabling lush growth but also flowering.
  • Balanced amount of plants per square meter so that the plant has space to grow.
  • Irrigation can be arranged per section for optimal moisture management.

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