vertical garden indoor

The HALBE indoors

Green is very decisive for the atmosphere in a room. With a JORA Green Walls vertical garden you bring the greenery inside. A green wall in a room has many advantages. The plants purify the air and provide extra oxygen. The use of greenery in a room creates a healthy climate in which people feel at home. HALBE can be used in a working environment where it contributes to higher production, less absenteeism and more creativity. HALBE is also suitable for use in the home, where it creates a pleasant climate and adds an extra dimension to the enjoyment of living. HALBE is the perfect solution for creating a green wall. Your plants will develop quickly and enrich your interior.

plants wall hanging

Benefits of HALBE indoors

  • JORA Green Walls purifies the air,
  • JORA Green Walls contributes to a good air humidity in the interior,
  • A green wall in your room improves the acoustics,
  • The plants in the green wall create a pleasant environment and reduces stress,
  • The application of a vertical garden increases productivity and creativity,
  • Sufficient greenery in the interior provides a healthy climate and contributes to the prevention of sick building syndrome,
  • A vertical garden in your business premises enhances the sustainable look of your company,
  • Last but not least, a vertical garden is just incredibly beautiful to see!

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