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The HALBE in the garden

JORA Green Walls immediately gives your garden a whole new dimension. You can turn a dull fence into an oasis of green or transform your facade into a beautiful green garden.

JORA Green Walls is ideal for both larger and smaller gardens. With a HALBE you can create a beautiful facade garden. The green wall of JORA Green Walls takes up little space and immediately provides a fantastic green atmosphere.

vertical garden

A HALBE on the facade

The HALBE is also ideally suited for covering a facade. The planting contributes to a healthier and more sustainable climate and provides cooling in the city. The lush greenery is fantastic to combine with modern architecture. Sleek shapes provide a nice contrast to the lush vegetation and therefore get full play.

JORA Green Walls contributes to the ecosystem. It is an ideal place for useful insects, but butterflies are also frequent visitors. The planting in the HALBE acts as a fine dust filter and on hot days it provides cooling in the urban area.

The HALBE can be planted in various ways; for example, it is possible to opt for sober green planting, but it is also possible to use many flowering plants. Because every situation is different, we map out the circumstances in advance so that we can adjust the planting of the plant wall accordingly.

green wall

Benefits of HALBE outdoors

  • With the vertical gardens of JORA Green Walls, cities become greener and more pleasant, thus contributing to a better climate.
  • JORA Green Walls offers solutions for nature-including design.
  • The vertical planting in HALBE filters gases and traps fine dust.
  • HALBE converts CO2 into oxygen and thus contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.
  • HALBE contributes to a healthier ecosystem; it offers an ideal place for many beneficial insects and thus brings nature to the city.
  • A green facade ensures a drop in temperature in the ever warmer cities. JORA Green Walls can therefore be used in climate adaptation.

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